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Round Britain Rally Part 8


Here we go again for another weekender, it’s cold and misty as we set off but the forecast is good so what the heck.
It’s a trip too the north this time, first to the North Lincolnshire village of Somersby here to find that marriage can be happy, a monument on a hillside from a husband to his wife in honour of 29 years happy marriage, it’s huge and somewhat phallic  so it could be a bit of male ego tripping.
By the time we found it the weather had become fine and warm so we took a walk across the meadows to have a closer look and enjoy the views.

Back to the trusty steed and on our way to Withensea in South Yorkshire to photograph the lighthouse, this is in the town and is now a museum so no problem to find as it was signed from the edge of town, click and we’ve done for today.
So now it’s on to Darfield near Barnsley where our friends and fellow competitors live, we are staying with Ian and Trish for the night at their mining village home, as Ian says just no mine or miners anymore, thanks Maggie.
With the bike locked in the garage and a shower it’s an evening of BBQ, wine and putting the world to rights into the small hours, smashing.

After a good night’s kip and a huge breakfast and assuring Ian that we knew where the next landmark was he offered to take us there the pretty way over the tops.
Riding along behind his big HD V ROD and listening to the rumbling music from the exhaust, over hills and through dales in the early morning sun was wonderful and I was truly sorry to reach our destination, what we found here was an ancient way of combating MRSA or in this case the plague.
The stone is by the side of the road at Ackworth and it has a depression in the top which was kept full with vinegar and was used to disinfect coins left in payment for goods, so even in 1645 they knew germs could be passed to others on money.

We say our farewell to Ian and take the A638 and the A1 down to Newark, miles of good if busy road see us there in no time and we park up to photograph the castle our last landmark for this weekend, the weather is by now so hot that we need to get moving again before we cook in our gear, a quick cold drink and on our way.
With the air moving around us we soon feel cooler and make for home about two hours away, home, gear off shorts on, phew who says it’s never to hot for biking.





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