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Round Britain Rally Part 7

Old Father Thames Keeps Moving.

Another weekend looms and the weather is set fine so it’s back to those dreaded boundary posts we couldn’t find at Padworth this time armed with an OS map showing their location on Silver Road, we found that OK but search as we might even on foot we can’t see the posts and decide we just don’t know what we are looking at.
Besides upsetting a grazing deer we are getting nowhere so we give up and take a picture of the Padworth Common sign and a couple of fire hydrant posts that just could be what we are looking for, we should get some marks anyway.
So we carry our way to the Oxfordshire village of Uffington not to take pictures of the famous white horse that would be too easy but of the Tom Browns school museum.
This museum is said to be worth a visit but we arrived too late so we could only take our pictures after which a nearby B&B looked inviting and yes they did have a room for the night, as it happened our host used to live at Little Melton just a few minutes from our home so we had lots to chat about, small world.
A good nights sleep in a lovely room and a hearty breakfast saw us on our way to Lechlade in Gloucestershire to meet Old Father Thames or at least his statue, he used to live at the source of the Thames but then moved to Lechlade and crossed the river to end up on the wrong bank putting a Gloucestershire landmark into Oxfordshire so a blind eye has to be turned to a small error with this one. 

Old Father Thames (the one on the left thank you)

And so on to Lee Common in Buckinghamshire a village that is really in the back of beyond on a network of single track roads and it’s here we come face to face with a speeding 4x4 vehicle on a bend and with no road left for us we take to the verge and ditch, don’t think the driver even noticed but at least we proved you can off road a Revere two up once again, the underside of the bike hit the ground really hard at least twice but sustained no damage, tough old boot.
Still we find the landmark OK and add a few more points to our score then make for home on wider roads via Luton, Royston, the Comfort Café and a giant burger.






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