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Round Britain Rally Part 6


With our holiday behind us we are now off on a weekend jaunt to Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire, it’s blowing a gale as we set off down the A11 and A14, the dear old Revere excels itself holding a steady 70 ish cruising speed for mile after mile trying to make up some time owing to a late start.
Near Lutterworth we pick up the A5 and pass close to Hinckley and I cant help thinking of Triumph as we forge onwards, not long after this we find the village of Shenton where there is a memorial to Richard the 3rd, it takes some finding as Shenton covers a wide area and we finely locate it in a field called would you believe Richards Field.
This field contains a large stone with a plaque on it dedicated to Dick (well I feel I know him now ) this field is part of Bosworth battlefield it is now a quiet country location and it’s hard to imagine what it was like on that day in 1485 .

As usual we end up talking to a family and find out that they are doing a similar competition as us but a walkers version, we have met walkers, cyclists and bikers doing this sort of thing but never a car club, strange.
So now we head north towards Derby to the town of Repton, not hard to find it’s a nice little market town with some nice old buildings and a market cross this being the landmark and as it’s now used as a roundabout on a busy junction you have to take your life in your hands to get a decent picture so I send fearless Annie off to do the honours whilst I stay with the bike, I’m good like that..;

Pictures taken we give a nice little tea room a visit and then we’re off up the A50 to Uttoxeter and the A522 to Cheadle where we are staying the night, finding the B&B we settle in with a cuppa and decide we are hungry so it’s out to the local Chinese restaurant.
The couple at the next table spot our jackets and tell us about their days on a BSA you’re never alone with a bike.
After the usual hearty breakfast (have you noticed how much food comes into this )we take our time booking out as we only have one landmark to get today a cross to the battle of Blore Heath, looking at the map the heath is nowhere near Blore but is near to  Stoke on Trent on the A53.
This one is really elusive and we ask several locals until a young farm worker shows us where it is, it’s on private land and we can’t get near it, we take a long shot of it and hope we can enlarge it later, we remember seeing a stone marking the site of the Lancastrian camp so we take a picture of that as well as proof of our visit.

Well that’s all three in the bag and Anne says she wants to get home the quick way to chill out before a hard day’s golf on Monday, humph!
So we bravely take the M6 through Brum and to the A14, I hadn’t realised how long that M6 is and how far apart the service areas are, it doesn’t pay to miss one out and then find that the next one is closed as we did, a toilet and petrol were sorely needed by the time Corely services hove into view, soon the tank was full and we were comfortable and consuming plastic over priced food with gusto.
On our way once more we were soon on the A14 and familiar territory and two and a bit hours saw us home, but it wont be long before we’re on our way again.




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