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Round Britain Rally Part 5

Jam For All (pt 2)

Or angry old lady and blue potatoes.

Day three and it’s another good start, windy but fine and by 12.30pm we’ve been into the New Forest and found the Well of Sacrifice at Nomansland so named because it’s a memorial to the war dead of the village and been to Dorset to find Maiden Castle an iron age hill fort, so now it’s lunch and petrol before moving on to Devon.
We got to the village we thought we might stay at only to find it was a dreary and somewhat dirty looking place and passed straight through, further on we found a nice farmhouse B&B where we were given coffee and biscuits in welcome.
So unpacked and with lots of daylight left we set out for Mortampstead to find a landmark have a meal and a look at the countryside, we rode past the landmark twice without seeing it but then we twigged the cross at the base of a lovely Copper Beach, seemingly this tree was planted to replace an Elm that was destroyed by storm and had been known as the dancing tree, it had been pollarded to accept a platform on top of the trunk which was used by the villagers for dancing and entertainment.
Picture done, a pub meal and a gentle ride back to the B&B to plan for the next day and a kip.
It’s 7am and the sun is out so after a shower it’s down to breakfast served at a table with a view across the Devon hills, I could get used to this, by 9am the clouds were rolling in and the wind was picking up, never mind on to Cornwall.
Along the A30 over Bodmin moor it was blowing a gale with light rain and  really cold, well who said it would all be good, we find the village of Carn Brea and we can see the castle our landmark so no problem,yeah right we spent the next hour trying to get to the castle asking road workers,postman,man walking dog, taxi driver, they all say it’s signed near the church we buzz up and down the same stretch of road until Anne spotted a little homemade sign  stuck in the hedge” Carn Castle” it declares in inch tall letters and pointing left.
We turned into a tiny road that is smooth and level which soon turns into a track for mountain goats, steep loose surface with fist sized rocks to add interest, we made it to the top and were amazed to find that it is a restaurant not open and too pricey for us so perhaps all it’s customers are 4x4 types.  

We sheltered in the lee of the castle for a rest before descending that track the weather was still cold and the cloud came down to hide the view so it was time to make the descent which we manage quite well, you can off road a Revere two up then.
So next is the cross of Saint Perrin at Perrenporth , we got directions and are told that we will have to park and walk to this one, we found the parking bay and a lady who was about to walk her dog volunteered to walk us part of the way and point us in the right direction, great thanks, it’s about a 20 minute walk she says and off we went, after a while she pointed to a distant sand dune “just over that one and you’ll see the cross” we part company with thanks and carried on.
She was right, there it was about  another five minutes away, we staggered up to the cross, our gear had turned into a mobile sauna and we were without doubt the warmest people on the beach, we took the picture and prepared  for the trek back.

Back at the bike we opted for a gentle ride back too the digs, it’s about here or in a short while that I do something really foolish, on reaching the A30 I realise that we are running really early so we need to waste some time, I had noticed a mile or two back a sign for the House of Pearls so I pulled in and asked Anne if she would like to give it a look, yes please she says all demurely, by the time I pass this spot again there will be some very small boxes in the pannier 90 minutes will have gone and so will have £59 from my wallet DOH!!.
Next morning we pay up and look big and set off for Somerset and a lovely little village called Winsford there to find a pack horse bridge, we parked in the village car park which is full walkers setting off to enjoy the countryside, a young lad we ask not only tells us where the bridge is but walks us too it, thanks youngster.
Anne waits at the bridge and I go and fetch the bike, we get the pictures took and are packing the camera away when we are accosted by a lady who asks if we are on this rally thing” all the residents are very upset at all these motorcycles causing noise and pollution in our village” she states.
We tried to be diplomatic and polite and to be fair so did she ,we later asked at the village tea rooms if they had heard any complaints and they hadn’t so seems it was just one old lady with a bee in her bonnet.
We now run north towards Minehead then to Bristol to take a picture of a bust of Samuel Plimsol he of the Plimsol line fame, it was hard to get a good picture due to roadwork’s so we also took a picture of the suspension bridge as proof.

Leaving Bristol we head towards bath and take the A37 through Midsummer Norton, Radstock, Trowbridge, and Devizes and into Pewsy here to photograph a statue of King Alfred which is dedicated to George the Vs coronation.
We also found a decent B&B and a pub for our evening meal that served us steak and blue potato mash made from a variety of potato that has blue flesh, well that’s what they told us but I still wonder if it’s just food dye, still it was very good.
Day six and we only have the one landmark to do today and we fail miserably and have to leave the Padworth boundary stones for another day as we run short of time and weather, so it’s the boring but quick way home via the M4, M25, M11 and the dear old A11 we arrive home an hour ahead of the rain that has been snapping at our heels all day.





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