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Round Britain Rally Part 4

Holidays and jam for all Pt1                 

The luggage is packed the bike is serviced and off we go to tour round the southern counties, first landmark is at Westerham Kent found it with no trouble took the pictures and away, well that’s a good start.
On to Surrey to the village of Meretham the traffic is building up and on reaching the village I pull into the side to ask Anne what we are looking for, those she says pointing to two old railway lines set in a little garden right next to us, WOW this is getting easy.
A nice looking pub across the road and a petrol station next door this is too good we’ll pay for it I know.
So fuelled up and full of good grub we’ve got our landmarks for the day and it’s only 2pm all we have to do now is enjoy the ride to Havant on Hailing island to stay a couple of nights with Anne’s sister. By 3.15pm we are nearly there and running early so I ask Anne if she wants to phone her sister to let her know we’re early but she declines saying it will be OK.
Now you know I said we would pay well it’s pay time, on joining the A27 we came up to a traffic jam, that’s cool I can thread my way through this, two miles on and I think I can see the head of the jam and a jack knifed lorry blocking the road.
The police in their wisdom divert us down through a village just as the schools are coming out, the jam becomes solid lorries, cars, kids, parents and us, the sun comes out and we bake, Anne gets off and talks to the kids who are interested in the bike and walks with them while I paddle the bike a few feet at a time, I envy the guy in front of me sitting in his air conditioned BMW drinking bottled water, flash git.
By the time we make it through the village its rush hour and we battle on to arrive at Anne’s sisters two hours late, thank goodness we’re here.
The next morning is cold but dry and after a leisurely breakfast we set off to West Sussex, Shoreham to find a propeller memorial and find it outside Brighton airport and as you can see an RAF type came out and took a picture of us both, nice bloke what.                                                                   

At the next landmark in East Sussex at Friston church we find out what a Tapsel gate is, it’s a church gate that is hinged on a central post so that the pall bearers can pass on both sides of the gate and if needed rest the coffin on top of the gate to regain breath before entering the church.
So back to Hayling through some stunning countryside to another night at Hayling Island.










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