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Round Britain Rally Part 3

We left you with Norfolk,Suffolk and Essex in the bag so what next, well just to prove that this is a social event and not just a lonely slog we arranged to meet a mate from Barnsley, who is also doing the rally, at the Lincolnshire landmark a very tall windmill at Moulton.
The timing could not have been better as we approached the mill from one direction Ian approached from the other and we turned into the drive side by side Ian’s huge HD dwarfing our little steed.
While we were taking our pictures another contestant turned up on a Norton Commando cafe racer, not the usual shiny show piece but a well used example just how I like to see them.
A local lady came over to see the bikes and told us how she used to ride in her husbands sidecar just after the war and advised us not to bother with lunch at the local pub as they couldn’t boil water without burning it.
So we went back to a large transport café on the A17 and had a good lunch and a natter, on leaving we found an elderly couple looking at the HD and it transpired that the husband raced a Gold Star in the fifties.
Time to part and we waved Ian on his way home whilst we set out for Northamptonshire to find Gretton village stocks and whipping post (my back is still smarting) then on to Cambridgeshre’s Houghton Mill before heading home.
Another good day out and three more counties done, it’s adding up nicely and we have our holiday coming up.




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