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Round Britain Rally Part 2

False Start

What was it I said about preparation; I tried to tell you about the pit falls only to find a couple of more to fall into ourselves.
Thinking you know can be one of them as we found out one damp Tuesday morning, it’s just a local landmark so no need to consult a map is there, let’s risk the weather she says it won’t be much anyway, so off we go towards Swaffham and the Iceni Village.
Three miles on the road and a light rain starts not too bad so press on, coming into Swaffham we join the A1065 left isn’t it I yell over my shoulder, think so comes the reply, out past Castle Acre we go the rain is getting into it’s stride by now so with Anne huddled down behind me I press on and on and on yeah! we’re heading the wrong way as we realised some miles later.
By now the rain is so hard it’s stinging me through my jacket and I can hardly see so we head for home arriving back where we started 50 miles done, no pictures and soaked.
Good Friday sees us up and on the road to Colchester to find Bourne mill, once a fishing lodge and not a purpose built mill, soon found with some help from a local bobby, take the pictures and we’ve started at last.
Now we head into Suffolk, Halesworth and a memorial to Zemkeys Wolfpack this turned out to be a WW2 American fighter squadron, there is a small museum next door that covers the groups that flew from Holton airfield but it only opens on Sundays, must go back for a look sometime.
While we were taking the pictures the curator came over to see what we were doing and was very interested in the rally seems he had a Norton in the distant past, this happens at 90% of the landmarks and makes it all the more interesting.
So that had Essex and Suffolk in the bag OR DID IT?
Well not really you see we hadn’t realised that the rules had changed a bit, rule 2A states that if you can’t get your bike close up to the landmark you must take another picture at the town sign or post office, we hadn’t.
So after Anne had left for work I was off once again to Halesworth to take yet one more picture and as it was a nice day I decided to go cross country and do the Iceni Village, so now we had really got Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk done and we are truly on our way, watch this space.








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