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Round Britain Rally Part 11

A Steel Kite and a tiny brewery

Well this is it we’re truly on the last lap now breakfast was an hour ago and we are on the A40 heading through LLandovary to LLanwrtyd Wells to photograph the most beautiful sculpture of a red Kite titled “Spirit In The Sky” in a small seated area in the town.
We take time to admire this modern sculpture made in 1995 and remark how good it is that modern man can still find the time to create a work of art like this whilst the rest of the world rushes by full of it’s own importance.

Now it’s on to our next landmark a wonderful old Magpie Market Hall at a town named LLandiloes, all these double Ls are sounded as CL so this one is Clandiloes in English and not as much of a tounge twister as it may seem,

Then on to what promises to be the best stop of the day, the worlds smallest commercial brewery- it is only allowed to brew a maximum of 72 pints a week to hold on to it’s title.
We knew we would be welcome here by the way the bar staff were waving to us as we pulled in seems they all thought it was great to be a landmark and have all these bikers calling in, one guy had got there at 7am so the owner opened up to make him breakfast and coffee, not everybody hates bikers.
We had a meal here and Anne tried the brew and gave it a thumbs up so if you’re this way some time give it a try and the foods good too.

Annie’s bit & My thoughts as we rode through Wales.

“ How quiet and lovely the mountains are, all I can hear is the wind rushing past my helmet, the sheep look like white stones in the distance and then they move, hey there’s blue sky up ahead.
Long sweeping bends on a smooth surfaced road, suddenly the ground to our left falls away and it looks a long way down, hope he doesn’t fall asleep now.
This is the life sitting here listening to the exhaust burbling musically as we cruise through wonderful traffic free countryside, I feel so free like a bird in flight.

Back to the plot as we near Trawsfynydd to find a statue of a Welsh poet, E.H.Evens (Hedd Wyn ) and there he is in the village churchyard posing for us, pictures taken we take a comfort stop and do some shopping before moving on to Bala to find a B&B.
We find ourselves near to the next mornings landmark so with some time to spare we captured that one early at Betws Gwerful Goch, don’t ask me how it’s pronounced, here the landmark is the Church Of  Saint Mary and it has stood in three counties in it’s time, finding that out earns us a ten point bonus.
We find a B&B in betws-y-coed and they direct us to a restaurant where we can get a good evening meal, it was here that Anne got talking to two elderly gents about golf to find that they both had single figure handicaps despite their ages being in the late eighties.
They had met on the Normandy beach in WW2 in the first half hour of that action and that friendship formed in the heat of battle is still as strong as ever.
Next morning we started the day with the biggest breakfast yet whilst chatting bikes with the owner who had had several bikes in his youth including a Tiger Cub, he unlocked the garage where we had stashed the Revere overnight and waved us on our way.
Anne pointed down the road and said that way and I’ll tell you when to turn off, Anne was a bit quiet ( we were using our two way radios ) but I thought she was admiring the views, unknown to either of us the radio had become disconnected so while Anne was saying that she was not sure we were going the right way I was steaming in enjoying the ride and in this way we managed to cover seven miles before Anne resorted to the time honoured bang round the helmet (Oherr missus ) .
Never mind the scenery was wonderful and the road great and this way we get to see it in both directions, back we go through Betws-y-Coed and turn left onto the road we really needed to the Henry Jones museum at LLangernyew, found it to be closed as usual perhaps they hear we are coming.

Now it’s on to the North coast through Rhyl and Prestatym arriving at what looks like a copy of Hemesby on sea in Norfolk but no it’s called Talacre, we park up and walk about a mile down the beach to the lighthouse at Ayr Point it actually stands on a rock base a little way into the sea.
A local gent out walking his dog told us where we could get a snack at the bakery just down the road a bit, it turned out to have tables outside in the sun and did hot and cold drinks as well as all sorts of cakes and rolls that were really fresh, we sat with a family who had brought their dogs to the beach so it was a noisy but enjoyable break with two excited small children competing against two small excited dogs for attention.

Meal over our companions head off to the beach and we mount up to head towards England, through Wrexham and down to Overton to find the twining stone commemorating the twining of Overton with La Murette in France.
 That will be the last one in Wales and just one left in England before we find a B&B, this is the one I’ve saved till last The Knocking Shop in Knocking, Shropshire, well there you go not what I had hoped for but Annie’s laughing, oh It’s just the local Post Office how disappointing for you dear she grins.

We find a B&B and tomorrow its home, we’re done for this year, we’ve got gold and that will do nicely thank you.
In February we went to a presentation dinner and picked up our prize and met the other contestants and I swore I wouldn’t do that again, but that was then!!...
There is a Round Britain Rally web site if you’re interested, thanks for reading this and hope you weren’t too bored. .

Anne & Mick Long.









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