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Round Britain Rally 2005

by Mick and Anne Long

I first wrote this for the VJMC newsletter some time ago and as the members enjoyed reading it and with interest being shown in our own picture rally I thought it would stand another airing, hope it gives some enjoyment.

The Beginning

Well they’ve arrived at last, dropping through the letter box Wednesday morning came an A4 sized envelope containing the Round Britain Rally papers,stand to attention you lot its Great Britain we’re talking about here.
So what have we got, there’s a control card, this is to be shown in all pictures of landmarks, a welcome/instruction letter and two A4 sheets containing the clues to the landmarks, 90 of them in all covering England Scotland and Wales.
So what next, for me it means the loss of use of my computer for many hours as Anne gets busy on the internet locating the landmarks, I always say that this is Annie’s rally as it was her idea to enter the first time we did this and she does most of the research and route planning plus the navigating, I’m just the taxi driver.
Some of the local or well known landmarks we know already, others are fairly easy to find on the internet, then there are those that are really obscure, try finding the location of a memorial to a Welsh princess near a Lincolnshire village named Sempringham and see how much stuff you get on princess Diana.
It’s worth noting here that these rallies were going long before the internet was thought of, then you had to take a trip to the library and pore over the OS maps to find the landmarks, there are still a few guys who work this way with very good results

  So for those who are unfamiliar with photographic rallies this is how it works.

Using the information given decide where and what the landmark is.

Work out those landmarks that can be visited in a day.
Those that will need a night out.
Those that you will need to take a holiday for.
Then work out how many of these can be bunched together within these time scales, ie a route from your base via a set of landmarks and back to base, we find three is about right for a weekend.

Make it fun always leave enough time to look at the landmark properly and anything along the way that takes your fancy.

We’ll assume the bike is ready to go so what else, well prepare small maps from the internet of the area around the landmark for when you get close also an easy to read even in the rain route and a waterproof map holder, you can put the control card in there as well, don’t forget the camera, don’t laugh I’ve done it.

Once there and you’ve got the bike positioned place the control card so that it is prominent in the picture and don’t forget to pick it up ,several cards get lost each year and replacements cost a quid..

Before the rally ends, last day of October in this case, you send your photographs to the organiser to be marked, then some time in February there is a presentation dinner to attend or you can have your award posted to you.

Anne and I are at stage one at the moment with a summer of trips to strange and interesting places ahead of us. So is anybody else going to give it a try, it is fun and you don’t have to do all the landmarks to be in with a chance of an award either, top score would be 1950 points but you are in for an award with just 200 points and for a bronze at 300 .
 This is a sample of this years clues, I can’t wait to visit Shropshire.

The old transformers
Nr. Consett 
Tom Browns School
The “Knockin Shop”





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