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Tony Milk AJS


Picked the AJS up from Andrew on Friday night and took it out for the 1st ride on Saturday,  the whole close came out to watch so no pressure!!
The machine sounds fantastic and is a great mechanical device so long as i remember to wear big boots and no loose clothing or laces.  It is an honour to be able to look after it but my goodness a beast to ride.  I couldn't get it to stay in 1st but pulled away in second and rode up the Old Yarmouth Road hitting a dizzying 24 miles an hour after a few attempts, I am sure I will get used to the handling and idiosyncrasies after a while but I am sure it will also cause a big grin every time.
Cheers and all the best with massive thanks for letting me use this historical motorcycle.

Clinton Gillet


Allan Green has sent in some pictures of the AJS

AJS next to an old petrol pump, they have run out today.
AJS next to an old petrol pump.
Old and newish AJS


AJS road experience session at Hardwick.

Sunday September 27th. As there were a number of members who had not ridden a flat tanker, Peter Bennett organised a 'come and try it day'. The location was a quiet road next to Hardwick Airfield which in the war was home to a USAF Liberator bomber squadron, it is now home to The Hardwick Warbirds collection and airfield museum.

Four members turned out on a sunny afternoon looking forward to the unknown task which lay ahead. Peter explained the workings of the AJS just to give a basic understanding to just what all those levers actually do.  Once started and running the first to brave the experience was Stuart followed by Edwin and Arthur, Val unfortunately couldn't enjoy the AJS due to a hand injury but she came for moral support and to see just what makes a flat tanker tick.  After several runs everyone gained not only big smiles but the skill and confidence to be able to use the AJS on a club run.

To top a great afternoon we were treated to one of the Hardwick Warbirds P51 Mustangs coming in to land at the airfield, how can you beat a sunny day with a flat tanker AND a Mustang!  You can't!


P51 Mustang part of the Hardwick Warbird collection based at the airfield.


My 18 months with the Section AJS, AJS report 2015


Steve Hallam has booked the AJS for the 2014 Banbury Run. To see Steves Banbury Run report go to Banbury 2014.


Peter Bell rode the AJS in the 2013 Banbury Run, no problems. Peter Bennet rode the bike in the West Kent International and Mike Berriman rode it in the Norwich Pre 40's Run.

Back Wheel Repair 2013

The bike was handed over to Tony Durier for him to work his magic on a very poorly back wheel bearing and spindle. In summary and not without a few troublesome moments Tony replaced the cup and cones with self aligning bearings with new left hand and right hand bearing carriers and lock rings. The axle was replaced with one made from EN16T steel, the finished project looks like an AJS knockout spindle but is infact a fixed axle. Tony has ridden it for 5 miles with no problems. Next run will be the Shakedown Event on Easter Monday. The machine is booked up for Banbury, West Kent and the Pre 40's Run in 2013.

Runs During 2012

After the Banbury run the bike was used on the Sunday Run at the Camping Weekend, followed by the West Kent International ridden by Peter Bennet, the bike featured in a magazine article about the WKI. The last run of the year was the Postwick Run on 7th October , the bike being taken off the road to repair the back wheel cup and cones.

Banbury Run June 2012

To read the full story of Pete's Banbury Run go to Banbury 2012

April 2012

The engine has been fitted with an engine driven Pilgrim pump and a new piston on standard bore.
AJS fitted with Pilgrim Pump

The weather was very bad at the Shakedown Event, the AJS did not come off the trailer.

The AJS was taken to Tony's workshop for new rear wheel fitted bolts to be made and fitted. New rear wheel bolts


Broadland Run 2011

Tony Chater rode the AJS around his local are to get use to it. He entered it for the Broadland Run riding it from home to Postwick Village Hall. 20 miles ito the run the engine seized. He was recovered on the back up trailer by John Essam.

The reason for the seizure we think was due to lack of oil caused by the low temperature on that day and not enough oil reaching the piston.

Dave Rogerson Memorial Run 2011

Mike Henry rode the AJS on this years Dave Rogerson Memorial Run. The route was set out by Richard Greensides around the north east Norfolk countryside.Mike leaving the start


Mike won the "Oldest Machine Award" which was presented by Jamie Rogerson.


Lou Oliver Waveney Valley Run 2011

John Essam rode the bike in the Lou Oliver Waveney Valley Run which this year started from The Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum. The bike ran well all day with a surprise for John as he was awarded the Highest Combined age award.John Leaving The Red Lion


Pre 31 Run 2011

Peter Bennet rode the AJS on this years Pre 31 Run. The bike ran well all day returning 60mpg which was good for a bike of this age.


Spring Lamb Run 1st May 2011

Mike Henry took the Tony Milk on the Spring Lamb run , the morning run was uneventful with no problems.In the afternoon the bike was 6 miles from the finish when it stopped.

Mike on the AJS

The problem is under investigation.


The late Tony Milk bequested the 1925 AJS to the Norwich & District Section of the Vintage Motorcycle Club to encourage riders to experience flat tank motorcycles.

In 2010 the Section received the bike as Tony had left it before he became ill. Nick took on the task to get the bike in a rideable condition and Bob put together the paperwork to allow section members to ride the machine.

Tony Milk AJS at Shakedown Rally 2011

The bike is a 1925 23/4HP machine on 26 inch beaded edge tyres, gas lights, bulb horn and wicker basket for spares.

The first outing was in 2010 Lou Oliver Waveney Valley Run where Nick got 15 miles into the run before the magneto stopped sparking. The magneto was sent away for repair and was refitted, sad to say this packed up again.

Peter on the AJS Shakedown 2011

Brian lent the Section one of his magnetos which had been overhauled but after 20 miles this packed up and the machine lacked compression. The original magneto and a replacement exhaust valve have now been fitted. The bike made its 2011 debut at the Shakedown Rally where a number of riders tried it out. At the moment it is having a stronger back stand fabricated by Tony.









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