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My next project was to have a go at the museum’s 1930 A.J.Stevens 500c.c. model R8 sloper. This machine was in a sorry state and needed a great deal of work.


The fork spindles and all the links were condemned and had to be remade. The front wheel is incorrect, it is in fact an Ariel WNG wheel and, guess what, there was a 14 tooth speedo drive gear in the brake plate (see part 2), surplus to requirements as the speedo is driven from the gearbox on this machine. We decided to retain it but the anchor bar and the full brake gear had to be made. A mid 30’s AJS front mudguard was fitted. A standard ribbed rear mudguard was fitted but the numberplate, lifting handle and all the stays had to be made. The rear brake plate had to be remade and the chainguard was fashioned from a newer AJS chainguard. The magneto platform had to be remade and the mid-ships battery carrier made from scratch. The only eight inch headlamp we had was from a car, this was adapted for the switchgear and for the fixing trunnions.
The engine was in fairly good order, the oil pump drive and bush and the vernier magneto components were remade. Most of the gear change components had to be remade from scratch.


This is now a running machine but requires new exhaust pipes with Brooklands cans. I have ridden this bike on private land and it is a very nice machine.

Whilst working on the A.J.Stevens machine I acquired my Norton Dominator 99 as a basket case that had been stored in an attic since 1976. It had been stripped by a previous owner and all the parts jumbled up. When I got around to starting this project I was surprised to discover traces of the original red paint on the inside of some of the parts. I had always thought this to be a black and silver example. The decision was taken to put it back to its original red. The engine was the biggest problem with this restoration. The cylinder barrel was +60 and oval with the cam follower tunnels in poor condition. Cylinder liners have been fitted and the tunnels reground with oversize followers, not a cheap job! The cylinder head has new guides and valves; the crankshaft has been given its first re-grind, new shells of course fitted and superblend main bearings. The camshaft was made up and re-profiled. Over 250 parts were made for this bike, mainly in stainless steel. This is a lovely machine to ride, the engine just purrs but I have had it nip up a few times with these wretched Italian pistons even though I have put 2,000 miles on the clock now. This restoration spanned a period of three years.

Norton 99

Currently I have two projects on the go. For myself I am giving my 1949 Scott Flyer a good tidy-up. For the museum I am restoring their 1934 Triumph 2/1, a 250c.c. twin port machine which is in an extremely sorry state. More on both of these projects at some future time.




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